Oh, I did happen to have Legacy of the Mountain King running from a book I picked up outside his room. That mixed with the few seconds he was in the Serenity beam caused me to fail to kill him. Well i was casually farming this everyday; maybe skipping a day here and there. Classe, spécialisation, statistiques, rien ne vous échappera désormais Addon tank TankPoints Cette addon vas vous permettre de calculer votre défense ou quand vous avez loot une nouvelle pièce l’addon vous diras se que vous gagner. Commentaire de zelmon Most already know this, but some, like me, are unsure so here:

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Click below for the full patch notes, and stay tuned to WoW Insider for more analysis of the effects these changes will have. If you want to see it in game. Eventually it will drop I’m still farming ZG, Sethekk, Kara. All addons are checked and functioning properly.

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Ce site requiert JavaScript pour fonctionner. Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur. Ce atlaslot est donc presque aussi rare qu’un Glaive de guerre d’Azzinoth. Commentaires Commentaire de wipesaver Pretty simple fight once you figure it all out, running out in banish phase can make these much easier, other then that it comes down to a dps race and good communication Commentaire de Ayklan My guild just downed netherspite last night, as a hunter pets atlaslot dont do anything in raid instances except sometimes help you pull or die.

I used a wind serpent last night on netherspite for the hell of it i sent him in ztlasloot pulled him out during banish phase he was 5.00.5 hit the whole fight as well as doing about 20k dmg so i suggest using one if your a hunter.

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Commentaire de rarict http: I’d copy and paste it myself, but the info is too large. Commentaire de SilverKnight Netherspite is an unusual fight because it is far less class- or stats- dependant than most. It does require coordination, though. It’s all about standing in the line of three colored beams that shoot out of 5.5 and hit Netherspite. The beams give special buffs, but also debuffs, and these stack and stack over time.


This means you need to set up a rotation. It’s all about good, organised teamwork. Commentaire de Sorix What skins from Netherspite? Commentaire de Maria Soon his room will have a door and we’ll be forced to play with him in there. Right now this is nigh on impossible, it’s possible but is very, very hard. Someone needs to help the situation! Commentaire de Jommers One of the most fun boss fights in WoW – requires real co-ordination and teamwork. I haven’t had as much fun fighting a boss since Chromaggus as a rogue.

Commentaire de GraysonCarlyle Got at least 1 change in 2. Serenity beam does not refill your mana after it wears off, however it 50.5 your mana when you first get it.

Also a note Perseverance: It acts as a taunt, permanently increasing your threat level. Last night KTM showed me well over k threat when a shaman walked into the beam. Commentaire de lowlyworm We atalsloot Netherspite for our first time last week. There isnt alot of strats that are updated for 2.


If the tank stays in the beam for 10 stacks of the buff then moves out, lets the beam hit Spite for 5 stacks, then moves back into the beam. He should only reach about 30 stacks of the buff by the time the breath phase starts, allowing a tank to tank for the whole portal phase.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Rotate 2 per portal phase, switch after 30 stacks of the buff. Tank him close to the Door bout ztlasloot – 30 feet right in front of it. And soak the beams as stated above.

As soon as you see in your chat log that he has switched phases into the breath phase, yell out on vent to get everyone to double book it to the other side of the room with thier backs against the wall.

Atlwsloot dps is on the boss during the breath phase. Let the xtlasloot who started tanking Spite at the beggining stay Commentaire de Fliiiii Downed yesterday first time! Heres how we did it: Our group considering of: The green beam was taken by the first priest mehealing the whole raid.

The other 2 healers did some DPS. The blue beam had the rogue standin in it, with the mage taking over halfway thru. During first banish phase, everyone spread evenly around him and the breaths just hit 2 ppl max.

Never killed one of us. The 2 healers that didnt get the green beam at first healed everyone thru it ez.

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Next portalphase the other tank took the red, the other priest the green and the warlock the blue. The hunter took the last bit of red. Then basicly the same thing over n over. Hardest fight for us in Kara, but i got my pants: Commentaire de Arcadia As of 2. Netherspite is NOT stationary during his banish phase, chasing around and meleeing players as he sees fit.

Good tanks can float atop the aggro list, but not easily. Commentaire de valhallaresa Done Sat night with 2 healers priest, pally3 tanks prot warrior, arms warrior, feral druid5 dps lock, 2 mages, hunter, rogue. Not that hard of a fight. The first few times were wipes just to get co-ordinated, and then we let loose on the 4th try. Healers stayed in for the entire green portal, 3 tanks on red portal switching out due to the 90 second exhaustion – prot stay in as long as possible, arms in for remainder of portal, druid takes next portal, stay in as long as possible, prot jumps in, and repeated in that order.

We also had arms warrior in tanking gear, so that helped. For dps, our rotation was 1st portal: Only difficulty we had was the 1st person who took the blue portal each round was targeted by Netherspite each time the portals went down.

Heavy heals were needed on that person. Commentaire de Chk Be sure to down him before he enrages after 9 mins. If not he will totally wipe the raid. I got a 52k hit so if you don’t kill him before enrage the raid is doomed. Commentaire de reidies Note that warlock drain life powerful enough to stay in blue beam even until 40 stacks.

Commentaire de Roelstra As a 70 affliction lock I manage to stay in the beam the entire phase. I’ve seen it as high as 57 debuffs.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Darkicon Our strategy: Once portals are back up, the shadow priest takes blue, fury warrior takes red, then alternates with the MT, and the other warrior takes blue. Rinse and repeat, simple fight, requires some coordination though. Commentaire de Bonus Netherspite’s Netherbreath is a forward cone attack that has a larger radius at people who are further away and less radius if you are closer. So when banish phase came we had people move in close and all melee.


Aggro resets after banish phase so we have a hunter misdirect to the person taking the red beam as soon as he comes out of banish phase. Commentaire de Larrsis Last night, my guild downed him, for each beam we used Red: Warrior and a druid tanking Green: A rogue and a dps warrior Blue: Be careful while in the blue beam of the void zones. With high stacks of the beam. The void zone can be deadly if not immediatly moved out of. Commentaire de krawnight I am surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Only two tanks are required for Netherspite, one for each portal phase. Furthermore, the red beam tank does NOT require healing if they continue to move in and out of the beam. Basically the tank soaks the red beam for 10 stacks, and then runs out for a few ticks.

If they continue to run in and out of the red beam for the duration of the portal phase, the beam will heal the tank to full life each time they run back into it. With experience, you can juggle running in and out to not have more than 30 stacks on yourself by the end of the portal phase, therefore not going below your normal health or requiring a second tank for that portal phase. Then the second tank repeats this strategy for the next portal phase.

Then everyone resets to their original positions for the third i. This strategy allows the healers to focus on keeping the rest of the raid topped off instead of worrying about the tanks and makes the fight much easier. One more note, if the raid keeps whoever was tanking Netherspite in melee range during the banish phase it makes the transitions much easier and Netherspite will not run amok attacking casters.

Commentaire de Foxpaw We just took him down last week. Once we figured out what to do, it was C-A-K-E. We had a pally tank, a bear tank, a hunter and a drainlock taking the red beam or blue beam alternatively, swapping the rogues out between greens, and kept the healers out of the damn beams. All the melee hammered at his front. P The encounter is free loot if you know what you’re doing. Commentaire de loozerr Best mob to farm Nether Dragonscales from.

Commentaire de lsfreak This fight is incredibly fun as a shadow priest. We usually have one person take one portal for the entire portal phase, so with a shadow priest taking the blue beam for an entire phase, the damage put out is incredible. It should be noted that a person taking these beam for the entire phase needs healed after each tick of the damage aura, however, as by the end of the portal phase you’ll easily be able to be killed by two ticks.

A shadow priest running VE will be able to keep one group up from the AoE damage without any problems whatsoever – I generally top both damage and effective healing in this fight because of it.